Photograph of a hazy blue sky and mountain peaks coming though fog as the sun breaks though in the early morning sky.
Phoenix, Arizona from a hot air balloon
Sun setting through silhouettes of bare winter trees reflected in a calm river.
Austin, Texas Sunset
Black and white photograph of heavy fog over hills with the signal hill station nearly entirely obscured
Signal Hill, Newfoundland
Photograph of a tightly furled fern frond with light dew on the small visible leaves.
Fern Frond
Closeup photograph of simple bright pink flowers with a dark blurred background. The petals have drops of dew on them.
Morning Mountain Laurel in Newfoundland
A gap in thin gnarly trees reveals a mossy sun dappled path deep into the woods
Mossy Trails
A hole in a rusted out car's windshield has created a spider crack through the glass as it sits deserted in a junkyard
Abandonment of Pearsonville
A small green hummingbird sits on a skinny branch with small white blooms against a bright blue sky.
Hummingbird Rests in Utah
A hand hewn wooden fence disappears into the horizon covered with a dried vine that has died around it
Old Fences
A small lizard climbs on the underside of a similarly colored rock that has splotches of brightly colored moss that contrast against its dull skin.
Invisible Friends
Red rock cave with a large hole in the top that the sun is shining through.
Canyon Crawl
A tree grows, curved and battered, out of red rocks in Yosemite National Park