Undergraduate and Graduate Study

Emerson College

Boston, MA

MA, Writing and Publishing
Classes included Desktop Publishing, Book Publishing, Book Editing, Copyediting, and Creative Writing

Boston University

Boston, MA

BA, English Literature
Classes included Children’s Literature, British Literature, Reason and Argument, Ethics, Spanish Language
Freelance English Tutor and Assistant Saber Coach, Fencing team

Professional Education

Anti-Racism Accelerator

Taxonomies and Controlled Vocabularies
Simmons School of Library and Information Sciences

Course led by Duarte at Pearson Education

Icon and Logo Design
Course led by Milton Glaser at Pearson Education

Programming for Non-programers
Visual Storytelling
User Experience Literacy Workshop
Information Architecture
Introduction to Python
Courses led by General Assembly

Course led by Storytelling Studio via General Assembly

Working Groups

  • IMS Global Digital Content Accessibility Principles Document
  • Chair: BISG Workflow Committee
  • CAMI Task Force
  • W3C EPUB3 Community Group co-chair (former)
  • W3C Publishing Working Group, Business Group Member (former)
  • W3C Education and Outreach Working Group Member (former)
  • BISG Content Structure Committee (committee closed)